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Speed up the Gnome

Gnome menu loads the menu icons as needed causing a delay before you can see the icons.

 FIX :

gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/THEMENAME/

 Replace the THEMENAME with the actual icon theme set you are using. The default is ‘gnome‘.

echo gtk-menu-popup-delay = 100 >> ~/.gtkrc-2.0

 Gnome also hogs resouces my animations that are barely noticeable.
To enable these resource saving features open gconf, from terminal:
from there go to:
/apps/metacity/general and check on reduced_resources
/apps/panel/global and uncheck enable_animations
/desktop/gnome/interface and check off the box for accessibility


The other less known issues are  compcache / ramzswap and clamd.

Ramzswap uses physical memory as swap space thereby causing memory lock-ups. It is vestiges of the Live-CD which requires this feature when no swap space exists on the HDD. But once instal…

Wrap lines while printing from gedit

Gedit by default do not wrap lines while printing. It justs cuts off the sentence when it runs into the margin.
This default behavior could be changed by editing the value of /apps/gedit-2/preferences/print/page/print_wrap_mode in the gconf-editor.

$ gconf-editor &

 Goto /apps/gedit-2/preferences/print/page/print_wrap_mode

"GTK_WRAP_NONE" for no wrapping.
"GTK_WRAP_WORD" for wrapping at word boundaries.
"GTK_WRAP_CHAR" for wrapping at individual character boundaries.

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