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Why avi files get locked and how to delete locked files ?

First we should know why files get locked?
this is caused by the Windows XP Shell Media Extension (shmedia.dll), which provides statistics and thumbnails for media files. Problem is, sometimes shmedia gets stuck on a file, and since it runs inside of Explorer, that file is effectively locked until you restart or logoff. And even that doesn't help, because after restarting, opening the folder causes it to lock the file again. Using Process Explorer from is the easiest way to confirm that Explorer is holding the file open.

Deleting the file via the command-line, rather than navigating to the folder in Explorer, should work.
If you're not a fan of the command-line and don't DEL the file that way, an alternative solution is to temporarily unregister shmedia.dll (regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll), restart, delete the file, and then re-register the extension (regsvr32 shmedia.dll). This is cleaner than hacking the registry to blow away the extension. I always just leave i…

How to change a folder icon ?

You have seen custom icons appear on CDs of magazines.
here's how you set ur own custom icon to show as image on a desired folder

paste the icon file (eg. TOD.ico) in the folder
create a desktop.ini file with the contents
IconFile=< icon name >.ico [ eg. TOD.ico ]
make it hidden to prevent its accidental deletion

with every misc CD you burn you can paste these 2 files.Whenever you insert the CD you see the icon in explorer
(go on to burn a custom CD with your image as the icon)

Linux Distros

KNOPPIX : : Knoppix is the best Live-CD out there in comparison to Ubuntu & a plethora of others because it is Debian so extremely user-friendly & the graphics blows you off. Those who are used to using Red Hat or Fedora Core can immediately see the difference. In comparison to Ubuntu it has a superuser mode. That is very relaxing cause you can now mount FAT32 file systems from HDD in RW mode (mount -t vfat -o rw /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1). The superuser mode can be turned on by logging in as knoppix 2 at the boot: prompt

live-cd audio :

winlinux : : Claims to run from within Windows. One word of caution. These guys might be purposely leaving out the layout.bin file so after downloading almost 350 MB you cannot install the thing. It might be a trick to persuade users to buy their product.

GeeXboX :
Use this Linux to turn t…




Pratham college-er din ta
Aajo thik e mone poRey scene ta
Dada didi haath dhorey siNRi tei bose poRey
Aamar chokh ta ghorey bon bon bon bon

Sweetheart, I am seating alone
Sweetheart, for me there is none

DhoNk gile chole gelo pratham maas
Meye dekhlei feli deergho-shwash
DhoNk gile chole gelo pratham maas
Meye dekhlei othe nabhishwash
Meyera bheeshan smart poRey chhoto mini-skirt
Aamar e je sheet korey kon kon kon kon

Sweetheart, I am seating alone
Sweetheart, for me there is none

Taarporey kete gelo maas chaar
Fuse holo je kato future
Bandhura purse khule eke oke taake tole
Aamar pran ta korey chon mon chon mon

Sweetheart, I am seating alone
Sweetheart, for me there is none

Ekdin lawn theke beriye
Ek tanayaar dike taakiye
Hawt korey ki je holo magaj ta ghurey gelo
Taar kaaner saamne kori ghyan ghyan ghyan ghyan

Sweetheart, I am seating alone
Sweetheart, for me there is none

Taarpore cla…

LaTeX for powerpoint - Tex4ppt

A powerful plugin for powerpoint has come around which enables to write mathematical and scientific presentations easily.
No need to use "prosper" anymore because it is easier to write formulas in that.
The softwares for writing equations in powerpoint presentations :
1> MathType.
2> Texpoint.
3> Tex4ppt.
The first one is bogus, the 2nd one isn't free.
The last one Tex4ppt is what we need.
An excellent tool.
Just have to do a google search to locate it.
In case people reading this is as lazy as me it is:
It needs MilkTeX to be installed for it work though.

Thanks to tuhin (he found it out) and moumita (she informed me).