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Okular does not exit full screen mode


Description : Once the fullscreen mode is turned on in Okular it refuses to go back and hides even the menubar. Even pressing ctrl+shift+f does not help. Closing Okular and opening another file does not help. It stays in that fullscreen mode.

Workaround : I am posting the workaround here. Unfortunately you have to manually edit the okularrc file each time you go fullscreen.

Goto the folder $HOME/.kde/share/config (or a similar folder for kde4- .kde4/share/config/).
Open okularrc in gedit.

It would show something like -

[Desktop Entry]

Height 900=901
Width 1440=1441

[MainWindow][Toolbar mainToolBar]

[Notification Messages]

Enable the menubar : MenuBar=Enabled.
Disable fullscreen :FullScreen=false

Fire up Okular again. Now see the okula…

Linux keyring trouble

I keep getting this notice some time now while using Nautilus and Evolution.

Enter password for default keyring to unlock

Gnome Keyring is the method how Nautilus stores the passwords like the password manager in Firefox. And it needs a super pass for doing that.
Just move the ~/.gnome2/keyring to somewhere else. If it still creates problems then more elaborate procedure is needed. See here -

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