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GRtensor commands

I would try to collect some useful resources for GRtensor package of Maple.
I contains a host of commands which are very useful but the documentation is scarce.

A good page to learn the applicability of the commands through example is

All GRtensor outputs needs o be simplified one way or another and GRtensor provides specialized routines to accomplish just that. The gralter command does the job instead of the Maple command simplify.

And everyone needs to know the keyboard shortcuts of any program they are using. It makes life efficient.

For example, I was unable to enter the Greek symbols for a long time till I found that it is very easy to do so in Maple. Just type the Greek word in English and press escape key. A menu pops up displaying all names that can be enter…

Using the 3D modelling software Blender3D efficiently

Blender 3D is an excellent tool for building 3D models. It is a free alternative to professional 3D modelling softwares like 3DS MAX and MAYA. I personally found it to be easier to use and more efficient than 3DS MAX. Its shortcuts are easier to remember and the workflow is much more streamlined than 3DS MAX.

There are plethora of superbly written tutorials out there on Blender3D so I am not going to go into that. People who are interested in some tutorials can look at

I would start with a list of useful keyboard shortcuts which makes the Blender3D experience all the more enjoyable. The following are not a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Blender3D but they are most useful ones in my opinion. 

BLENDER shortcuts Manipulate view select -> right click 
pan : middle mouse + shift zoom middle + ctrl
rotate view : middle click + drag
select multiple object : shift + right click
or press b -> then draw a rectangle around them.