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Creating djvu documents (ebooks) from scans

The best way to make ebooks would be to scan and then convert them to djvu. Not pdf because pdf is very bad when it comes to packing images. Djvu on the other hand is more optimised to handle scanned documents. It could generate a small file without losing quality of the output.

After getting all the scans in place there are a few things to do to get the final djvu document.

Rename all files in the following order
book-001.jpg book-002.jpg...... book-024.jpg book-025.jpg.... book-165.jpg book-166.jpg
It can be anything instead of book-
But the crucial thing is that the numbers should be padded to facilitate numerical sorting otherwise if it is like 1.jpg 2.jpg ... 10.jpg 11.jpg ... then 10.jpg would occur before 2.jpg.
We do not want that. Hence naming should be such.

If it is already in the format : 1.jpg 2.jpg ... 10.jpg 11.jpg ... : then put 1-9 in one folder, 10-99 in another , 100-999 in another and so on. Now, go to each folder and just bulk rename them using

rename -v 's…