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Multimedia softwares for Linux

For all Debian-Users go to debian multimedia repository(

Multimedia authoring tools :

Cinnelera - best but too advance and technical.
Avidemux - Virtualdub alternative for linux.
KmPg2 - - convert anything to MPEG-2 for DVD use.
DVDAuthor Wizard - - make DVD from MPEG-2 clips, with menus etc.
dvdrip (Perl frontend to transcode)
mencoder (must have)
xine (must have)
ffmpeg (must have)

Video players:

mplayer - kmplayer, smplayer. (must have)
vlc media player (must have)
realplayer (must have)

These four will mostly cover all of the video needs of an average Linux user.

Music players:

amarok (must have)
beep media player
xmms2 - xmms is now only a backend. (must have)
esperanza - frontend to xmms2.

Join avi files in linux

The easy way is to use avimerge. Still I include both methods.

Method 1 :

source :

Merge, join two or more avi files

For all this to work you need the transcode package. So install (or make sure that it is there)

yum install transcode


1. Open up a terminal
2. Go to the directory where the files are (this is just to make things simpler)
3. Assuming that the file you want the result to be is named foo.avi, and you have two smaller files you want to merge (in order) named foo1.avi and foo2.avi, enter the following command:

avimerge -o foo.avi -i foo1.avi foo2.avi

Method 2 :

source :

How to join multiple .avi or .mpg files

sudo apt-get install mencoder mplayer

Now that the hard part is out of the way, we’re going to make use of the wonderful cat command. I’d renamed each Bloodspell video as b1.avi - b7.avi. Now to string them all end to en…