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Nowadays normally Ubuntu mounts external hard drives without the executable bit set as a precaution against dangerous scripts from running automatically. Without the executable bit set it becomes impossible to run scripts from external hard drives. However, setting the executable bit is not as hard but little bit laborious. So I wrote a small script to decrease the load.

In order to set the executable bit for the normal user the specific partition has to be unmounted as root and then remounted by the normal user with SSID and setting the executable bit so that he has execution permission. The normal remounting process could be done in the userspace so it is all included in the script but the unmounting requires root privilege. Since, sudden unmount can freeze open files and cause data loss if the mount point is removed forcibly (rm -rf) I have not included it in the script. So the unmounting has to be manually by the user with root privileges. So if using a public computer or a share…

Gateway Netbook LT2802u tinkering

This Gateway Netbook LT2802u is a very compact machine. You need to take it apart in order to even install RAM. So I opened it up for fun and put it back.

In order to open the Gateway netbook there are many guides. First read the instructions on

from (

then see the following video

and then see the tips at

The last link gives crucial tips on how not to scratch your laptop. So use a thin laminated card or a Safeway card (not your credit card) instead of a screwdriver. If you are still using a thin flat screwdriver then cover its tip with some thin paper like a receipt. But do not try to remove those thin T-shaped screws which hold the keyboard in place and visible from the battery compartment. It is unnecessary and you woul…