Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Footnotes in LaTeX


Adding a footnote in text is easy. For example:
The article\footnote{Haptonstahl, 2002.} was pretty good.
shows the text "The article1 was pretty good." and adds a numbered footnote at the bottom of the page reading "Haptonstahl, 2002."
If you want to add a footnote in a "forbidden mode" like in math mode, tables, or boxes, you have to do it in two easy steps. At the place you want the little superscript number (in the equation, for example) put
Then, right after the "forbidden mode" ends, put the text of the footnote in the command
\footnotetext{The text of the footnote goes here.}
Admittedly, if there are multiple footnotes in the same "mode," this can get a little messy, but it can be done. Check the appropriate references. Suffice to say it can be done.
Endnotes: Use the footnote commands as above. If you want all of the footnotes displayed in their own section at the end of the document -- endnotes -- then add this to the header:
and near or at the end of the document (before \end{document}) put this where you want the endnotes to appear:
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