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Howto write equations in latex in Blogs or websites

1. For websites it is a little bit non-trivial. Just write the equations in Mathematica and save as xml+MathML type. Now open that xml file in any text editor and copy paste the portion starting with in the corresponding HTML code. That's it.

2. For blogs it's much easier. Just write the equation in LaTeX and sandwitch it between

like this \frac{1}{\kappa} \int d^{N+1}x \sqrt{-G} \ \exp^{-2\phi} \left[ c %2B R \right]+&bg=ffffff&fg=333333&s=0 +&bg=ffffff&fg=333333&s=0

This gives the following equation.

This will generate the picture of the equation dynamically. Now add the image URL to the blog.

One word of caution. Some of the characters are not easily recognised, like =, +. For them use the HEX code instead. In the link presented above I have used the HEX code %3D instead of = . A quick way to get the HEX code is to go here (…
My first blog on a science topic which I know nothing about. So don't take whatever I write very seriously. (Disclaimer: Although I have taken the taken pain to see the correctness of the material whatever is written below might be incorrect because first I know little about CMB. )

users with a UID of less than 1000 not visible in User and Group maintenance (Ubuntu)

[Bug 70850] Re: [users-admin] show all users checkbox is gone and there is no way to view users with a UID of less than 1000

source :

I need user ID=500 to work. It's easy to create a new user with ID=500. Go back to create another user and 500 is gone. It's in /etc/passwd but not visible in User and Group maintenance. I can log in as user 500 but in Login Screen maintenance user 500 can not be set to auto login.
Experimenting I see any user ID I create of 999 or less is invisible. Any user ID I create of 1001 or more is visible.

The work around is to edit "/etc/login.defs".

sudo gedit /etc/login.defs

**change this section:

# Min/max values for automatic uid selection in useradd
UID_MIN 1000 (change 1000 to 500 or perhaps 1)

So the bottomline is give your UID > 1000 always.