Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gateway Netbook LT2802u tinkering

This Gateway Netbook LT2802u is a very compact machine. You need to take it apart in order to even install RAM. So I opened it up for fun and put it back.

In order to open the Gateway netbook there are many guides. First read the instructions on

from (

then see the following video

and then see the tips at

The last link gives crucial tips on how not to scratch your laptop. So use a thin laminated card or a Safeway card (not your credit card) instead of a screwdriver. If you are still using a thin flat screwdriver then cover its tip with some thin paper like a receipt. But do not try to remove those thin T-shaped screws which hold the keyboard in place and visible from the battery compartment. It is unnecessary and you would probably lose those thin clips.

  • Instead, just slide the card over the top thin gap of the keyboard couple of times so that you can hear the hinges click open and then press the card in and pry the keyboard up as shown in the video. It would not be easy the first time. 
  • After the first 5 hinges are unhinged at the top gap then slide a card below the keyboard top and slide it across its left and right to click open the other hinges at the sides.
  • Now go ahead and take out the keyboard by opening the cute latch that holds its cable in place. Then unscrew the 6 DOOR screws (4 at top and 2 at bottom) and push at the DOOR latch to open a corner of the back panel. Again slide the cards to unhinge the latches around the back lid with clicks.

  • Once all work is done close the back lid by inserting the top part first into the grooves then latching it down from all sides. You will hear clicking sounds. 
  • Put in the DOOR screws. 
  • Plug in the keyboard cable back and close the latch. Make sure the keyboard cable is not misaligned. Put the keyboard back flat onto the board and click it in place. 
  • Put in the battery. 
  • Make sure the netbook turns on and the keyboard is working.

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