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Pusilience and snakes

Pusilience - I swear that I saw this word in GRE list but could not find it in the online dictionaries. Anyways it means the behavior that a coward exhibits in times of crisis, (being a pussycat). 
Today I caught two non-poisonous snakes back to back. One small Trinket ( and one medium sized Wolf snake.

As soon as I was notified about the first snake I asked the reception to send someone with the snake catching net so that there is no delay. Many times before it has happened that by the time I went to reception, got the net, ran for the snake. And reaching the spot, found that the snake is long gone. In meantime, nobody bothers to inform that the snake has left and you have no need to come. We have to start charging for every call, and then people would actually take this seriously. Anyways, I asked for someone to reach with the net. But apparently, Mr. Bosgo has made it clear that no one would help the snake catchers. Whet…

Howto extract audio from flv

To extract audio from a flash file downloaded from Youtube or Google video use ffmpeg.

Install ffmpeg and related decoders by :

 apt-get install lame mpg123 ffmpeg

Now convert flv -> mp3 :

ffmpeg -i inputfile.flv -f mp3 -vn -acodec copy  outputfile.mp3

Note :- Lame is needed for mp3 encoding to work.