Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ubuntu in Compaq nc6220

Ubuntu in Compaq nc6220 (Lucid)

Everything works out of the box except the sleep and wake.

1. After closing the lid and re-opening it, the screen might flicker badly. To resolve that put the laptop to sleep and wake it again (use the fn key). The flicker should be gone.

2. After waking up from sleep/ screen lock, the wireless would be disconnected. Just re-connect it from the network manager applet located in the main panel.

3. Sometimes, the password login stos working. This is because some hidden characters are being spontaneously generated. This is realted to the screen flicker issue. So do the sleep + wake up drill.

4. Over-heating issue - There are 4 thermal zones. See the applet in the panel to see how hot they are getting. If it crosses 50C it is time to slow down. Stop all intensive jobs and put the laptop upside down because its lower part gets too hot and its ventilation is poor. Only by inverting it will get some cool air.

5. Always make sure that the fan on the left side is not blocked. There is a method to increase the fan speed. But I will put it here.

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