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VOB file merger for Linux

This can be done in a variety of ways.

1. cat file01.vob file02.vob >newfile.vob

2. mpgjoin file01.vob file02.vob -o newilfe.vob

3. mpgcat file01.vob file02.vob -o newilfe.vob

4. mpgtx -j file01.vob file02.vob -o newfile.vob

You can also look into GOPChop and/or DVBCut,

vobcopy -i /path/to/ripped/dvd/files/VIDEO_TS -n1 -l -o /path/to/put/files/file.vob

^^ -i = input path. The complete path
-n = title number, if your not sure, use lsdvd or vobcopy -i /path/VIDEO_TS -I
-l enables large file support.
-o is the path to output the files.
You can also use vobcopy to rip from the DVD driver.

Realmedia (rm) to mp3 conversion in Linux

mplayer file.rm -ao pcm:file=file.wav

lame -f file.wav file.mp3

I wrote a quick script to convert rm to mp3 and copied it to /usr/local/bin
so that it can be run from any directory.
Here's the commands to do that.

$ vim rmtpmp3

mplayer $1 -ao pcm:file=temp.wav
lame -f temp.wav $1.mp3
rename 's/\.rm\.mp3/\.mp3/' *.rm.mp3
rm temp.wav


$ chmod 755 rmtomp3
$ su
$ cp rmtomp3 /usr/local/bin

dS as FRW

deSitter spacetime in the representation as a spatially flat
Robertson-Walker universe, its metric is

See eqn. 3.24 of Ford : arXiv:gr-qc/9707062v1

These coordinates cover one-half of the full deSitter space, but this is not a serious
problem for our purposes. But in the context of inflationary models, one is interested
in spacetimes which involve only a piece of deSitter space.See for example Kima, Oh and Park ( arXiv:hep-th/0212326v1 ) for discussion on relation between dS and FRW.

Height of Bollywood stars


Amitabh Bachchan - 6"3

Vinod Khanna - 6"0

Shatrughan Sinha - 6"1

Akshay Kumar - 6"0

Jackie Shroff - 6"0

Bobby Deol - 6"0

Sunil Shetty - 5"11.5

Sunny Deol - 5"11

Anil Kapoor - 5"11

Akshay Khanna - 5"9

Salman Khan - 5"8.5

Saif Ali Khan - 5"8

Govinda - 5"8

Shahrukh Khan - 5"8

Amir Khan - 5"6

John Abraham - 6' 1"

Matt LeBlanc height — 5' 11


Sushmita Sen - 5'10.5"

Tabu - 5'8"

Sonali Bendre - 5'8"

Shilpa Shetty - 5'8"

Aishwarya Rai - 5'7.5"

Sridevi - 5'7"

Rekha - 5'7"

Raveena Tandon - 5'7"

Karishma Kapoor - 5'6"

Madhuri Dixit - 5'5"

Juhi Chawla - 5'5"

Kajol - 5'5"

Mamta Kulkarni - 5'5"

Urmila Matondkar - 5'4"

Twinkle Khanna - 5'4"

Katrina Kaif — 5' 8½

Priyanka Chopra — 5' 7½" (1.71 M)

Salma Hayek — 5' 2

Penélope Cruz — 5' 5½&qu…

Three phases of Standard Model and Feynman's prediction of strong interaction

Standard Model predicts three phases of matter -
1. Coulomb phase - Gauge(vector) bosons are massless. U(1) gauge theory or electromagnetic theory.
2. Higgs phase - Gauge(vector) bosons are massive. Electroweak theory with its massive gauge bosons (W and Z ) is the candidate.
3. Confinement phase - No quantum numbers for free quarks. Only physical states are the bound states. This phase is the strong interaction.

While reading Michael Dine's book I came across a very interesting piece of information.

Feynman predicted as early as 1963 in a private communication with Roger Dashen that in SU(3) Yang Mills theory there would be a bound state of three quarks and also a bound state of quark anti-quark pair.

my first poem

উজ্জল মন্দার নিমিত লোচন মল্লিকা
তরুদল কজ্জল লেপণকারী
তার হাতে সপে দিতে পরান পারি