Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thunderbird back & forward buttons are greyed out

When I open an email in Thunderbird the back & forward buttons are greyed out. So, I cannot move from one mail to another. So, I searched and came up with a discussion about it here

The back & forward buttons are meant for the main window only and do not work in the email window. So, in the main window if I view one mail then another random mail, the back & forward buttonsgo along that order just like the browser history button, from the mail I viewed last to the one the viewed before that (back) or from the mail I viewed next (forward) .

I do not want this behavior. And I am sure most Thunderbird users do not want it either. I would prefer if Thunderbird just goes from one mail to immediate next mail. For e.g. if I delete one mail I want it to go to the next mail automatically.

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