Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random slideshow of wallpapers

In Linux I had a lot of wallpapers and I wanted a random slideshow of all of them properly scaled to fullscreen.
I tried Picasa and F-spot but both were inadequate because they started from the first picture and went on linearly. So, I used FEH instead.

$ sudo apt-get install feh

Now, to get a slideshow of random random walllpapers stored in a folder the following command is very useful -

$ feh -zsdrZFD 15 wallpapers/

Explanation :
-z, --randomize When viewing multiple files in a slideshow,
-Z, --auto-zoom Zoom picture to screen size in fullscreen mode,
-d, --draw-filename Draw the filename at the top-left of the image.
-s, --stretch Normally, if an image is smaller than the specified
thumbnail size, it will not be enlarged. If this
option is set, the image will be scaled up to fit
the thumbnail size. (Aspect ratio will be maintained
unless --ignore-aspect is specified)
-r, --recursive Recursively expand any directories in FILE to
the content of those directories. (Take it easy)
-D, --slideshow-delay NUM For slideshow mode, specifies time delay (seconds,
can be a decimal) between automatically changing

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