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Outstanding problems in Intrepid

There are some outstanding problems that exists in my Intrepid box which I am trying to solve for quite some time. But every time after spending considerable time on research and ending up with little information I give up. I list them here so that I get to them the moment I have some spare time.
  1. Sound record does not work in my box. Have to figure out the fine balance between pulseaudio and ALSA.
  2. Webcam (Creative Vista LIVE) works with Cheese without hiccups but fails to work in Skype.
  3. VGA problem : I have integrated Radeon X200 with an 8X PCI slot in my comapny PC. So no point adding a PCI card. It would under perform. The problem is that Compiz(Desktop effects in Intrepid) works only with propriety drivers fglrx. But Quake III Arena becomes a slideshow with fglrx running. It has something to do with indirect direct rendering. I is also responsible for the flickers in the video players like mplayer. I have a separate post where I discuss the issues with not having DRI (the one with mplayer). Coming back to the point. To run quake I have to disable fglrx and reenable it for desktop effects. That means I have to restart every time I play Quake. This is idiotic. I have uninstalled fglrx and the xorg-radeon drivers work just fine for me. Quake shows less FPS. But I will survive.The situation was much better with Hardy. Compiz and Quake ran smoothly at the same time. The problem also disappers in Jaunty. But I am unwilling to upgrade to Jaunty at this very moment because of hardware compatibilty issues. Making sound work in Jaunty is a real pain. And I have endured that for 2 weeks to know how it feels like.
  4. I could not connect my phone to the computer and use it as a USB device. Initially it used to work but no more in Intrepid. I get the error " device descriptor read/64, error -62 ". I really do not know how to deal with it. Some forums suggest to uninstall ehci_hcd and use only ohci_hcd. It means instead of using high speed USB 2.0 use the low speed one. I have tried that too. Sadly, it doesn't work too.
  5. Samba trouble : In Intrepid giving just the IP address do not list all the shared windows folders itself. I have to explicitly give the name of the shared folder and then smb kindly shows it contents. I have seen it work in Hardy and CentOS 5 but not in the Mandriva 2008. So it must either some bug in newer samba implementations or the configuration file smb.conf is set to some defaults which is not correct.
  6. I could not add my Google calender to Evolution even though there is an option to do so in Evolution (one of the option in make new calender). On making a new google calender in Evolution, it asks for username password. On providing the password, Evolution just freezes and locks up. It becomes normal after a long time, but it doesn't load any google calender. There is another way of adding usind the ICAL addres from google calender. But the resulting calender would be read-only. I do not mind that. But even that is not working. Evolution is attempting to prefix webcal:// to an http:// address of the .ics file of google calender.


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