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A debate on influence of Islam culture on terrorism

The following is a debate I had with one of my friend during January 2009 on influence of Islam culture on terrorism. People decide who is right. It is posted in a popular social networking site, hence the beginning is in a regional language but my replies are always in English. The lines in brackets are my thoughts and not posted as a reply.


I believe religion has no bearing on cruelty, hatred has. If you want to stop this then you have to stop being unfair to the weak.
What do you think happens to the young guy in Gujarat, who saw his sisters and neighbors getting violated before his very eyes and the men who did that ran scot free because the government was a pussy and encouraged such practices.
Even in this case that idiot tried to gain some points by announcing cash to the deceased guy whose blood he was after in immediate past when the poor deceased constables families had to be content with a paltry sum.
Given a chance he would redo the riot and violate Muslims. And what the po…

Amarok/firefox/flash sound problem

It is a nagging problem in Linux which plagued me for quite some time. For example, if the Firefox window went to any page that contains needed sound(read flash) output, then immediately all external sound applications including amarok used to hand and also caused severe GDM freezes. It is fixed by doing the following:

I reinstalled pulseaudio and libflashplugin support (which wasn't even installed):

sudo apt-get install --reinstall pulseaudio libflashsupport

and then changed everything to pulseaudio in "system->preferences->audio settings".
This advice was posted here.
Now amarok and flash run at the same time and everything seems to be fine.

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