Friday, September 26, 2008

Multimedia softwares for Linux

For all Debian-Users go to debian multimedia repository(

Multimedia authoring tools :

Cinnelera - best but too advance and technical.
Avidemux - Virtualdub alternative for linux.
KmPg2 - - convert anything to MPEG-2 for DVD use.
DVDAuthor Wizard - - make DVD from MPEG-2 clips, with menus etc.
dvdrip (Perl frontend to transcode)
mencoder (must have)
xine (must have)
ffmpeg (must have)

Video players:

mplayer - kmplayer, smplayer. (must have)
vlc media player (must have)
realplayer (must have)

These four will mostly cover all of the video needs of an average Linux user.

Music players:

amarok (must have)
beep media player
xmms2 - xmms is now only a backend. (must have)
esperanza - frontend to xmms2.

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