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Create HTML from a list of links

Sometimes we have a list of links and we like to convert it into HTML. Take the following example. Suppose I have a list of links as -

and I want them not as text but as links. For that I have to
Manually type tag for each.
I can paste them in MSWord and click enter after each link and MSWord would automatically make them hyperlinks. That works really good.But what of I have 50 links or more? It becomes a laborious process so I wrote a small VBA script to do the job.
I just paste the list of links in first column of an empty Excel sheet. Then paste the following code in Visual Basic Editor for Excel and run it as a Macro or we can make a command button for it,
whatever procedure suits anyone. After running a…

Encrypting a file in linux

Encrypting a file in linux

To encrypt single file, use command gpg as follows:
$ gpg -c filename

To encrypt file, type the command:
$ gpg -c

Enter passphrase:
Repeat passphrase:

This will create a file.

* -c : Encrypt with symmetric cipher.

Caution if you ever forgot your password aka passphrase, you cannot recover the data as it use very strong encryption.
Task: decrypt file

To decrypt file use gpg command:
$ gpg

gpg: CAST5 encrypted data
Enter passphrase:

Decrypt file and write output to file you can run command:
$ gpg –o
Remember if file extension is .asc, it is a ASCII encrypted file and if file extension is .gpg, it is a binary encrypted file.

Rip DVDs in Linux

DVD burning

Source :

Is there a command available to install something in ubuntu that decrypts dvd's so I can back-up my dvd movies?

Install dvdbackup from the repository.

Then insert your DVD movie in the drive and type this in the terminal:

dvdbackup -i /dev/dvd -M -o dir/

This will backup the whole DVD movie with extras and menus, etc. You might want to have a Dual layer burner for this too. It will put the backup in the directory that you put in place of dir/.

example: dvdbackup -i /dev/dvd -M -o backupmovie/

After it finishes this then insert your blank DVD disc into the drive and type from terminal:

growisofs -speed 1 -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvdrw -dvd-video dir/

example using the backupmovie/ directory that contained my backup would be:

growisofs -speed 1 -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvdrw -dvd-video backupmovie/

The dvdbackup command will put into the backupmovie/ subdirectory the disc title of the movie. So be sure to include that at the end of the …

Firefox 3 Beta 5 sees huge improvements.

I don't have time to discuss every feature nor do I have time to write long sentences. So, instead I would directly copy and paste from a reliable web source all the great things about the new Firefox which I think everybody should notice. The following are not my own words and I do not take any credit of originality and to circumvent plagiarizing I give link to the original source of information. People interested might want to read the entire article : But, my article would contain only short description of the new features for the guys short of time.

1. The Places system, which was originally planned for Firefox 2, is a cohesive storage framework that uses a SQLite database rather than flat files and unifies bookmark and history storage. New user interfaces for bookmark management have also been created to give users access to the new capabilities—like support for bookmark tagging—that are made …