Thursday, February 7, 2008

Reverse alternate pages in prinouts

Most of the times while printing landscape in duplex mode all the alternate pages comes out to be flipped. I couldn't find a command in linux or ps-tools that takes care of this problem.

Photoshop , however has an option to reverse alternate pages before sending it top the printer.

In terminal, this can achieved by manually editing the .ps file. Just open the file in any text editor like vim and find Tumble(false) and change it to Tumble(true). The .ps file when opened in vim would look something like the following. Just, change the one which is highlighted.

%% Pagedevice definitions:
% Push our own mark, since there can be several PS marks pushed depending
% where the failure really occured.
%%BeginFeature: *Tumble True
(<<) cvx exec /Tumble (true) cvx exec (>>) cvx exec
systemdict /setpagedevice get exec
%%BeginFeature: *Duplex True
(<<) cvx exec /Duplex (true) cvx exec (>>) cvx exec
systemdict /setpagedevice get exec
} stopped

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