Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Batch rename files

Windows :
There are a lot of utilities out there But the best is ExplorerXP which has an elaborate renaming scheme allowing to
a) TRIM the filenames from front or end
b) find and replace text patterns
c) Number the files -> this is extremely useful if you downloaded a lot of wallpapers with a jungle of messy names. Just select them and rename as nature01.jpg , nature02.jpg .... auto numbering.

Use rename command

rename day0 beach day*.avi

Output :
day01.avi renamed as beach1.avi
day02.avi renamed as beach2.avi
day03.avi renamed as beach3.avi

In Ubuntu the syntax in different. It uses the syntax of sed

rename -v 's/day0/beach/' day*.avi

-v verbose
-n dry run. Doesn't change filename just shows how the change would look.

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