Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Profound quotations about research

  1. Doing research just for publication is worse than prostitution.
  2. It is easier to rehab drug addiction than publication addiction.
  3. Any knowledge that cannot be quantified cannot be part of science.
  4. Science is a communicable knowledge.
  5. A successful scientist must have something useful which the community can use.
  6. Self citation is worse than doing pornography (you are exhibiting something without enjoying it).
  7. When you speak more than your work you are selling your name.
  8. If you are speaking for your work then the work is dumb because it cannot speak for itself.
  9. Your scientific impact is decided by what you give and not by what you take (i.e. by productivity and not by awards).
  10. A guy cannot love a girl more than his iphone.
  11. There is no high gain without high risk.
  12. Any debate cannot be fair if the outcome benefits me.
  13. 13 is a good number.
  14. Science without philosophy is like sex without love.

1 comment:

siddhobokul said...

Agree to all the points except -

3. How do you quantify knowledge? You just cant say that I have 90 units of knowledge, so that makes me more knowledgeable than a person with 60 units of knowledge.
No of papers also doesn't quantify knowledge.

5. Define successful. The community does not benefit directly from any of the work we do. The beauty of knowledge is sometimes not grasped by layman - SMBC comics

6. I have to disagree, more because I have done it :) . Sometimes its necessary for a bigger picture or if you are working on a collaboration.

7. Its all about selling your name. Its lame, but advertisement can serve more than 30% in bringing you the fame !
If you are doing experimental work you need it more, for proposals, to get the funding.

8. Sometimes the profound picture might get lost if you don't speak up. Examples, Jagadish Bose, Satyen Bose, Subhas Mukherjee, Alexei Starobinsky, Lemaitre, and many more. Strangely, many Bengalis.

10. What if he doesn't have an iphone? :)
Its same the other way around too, specially for geeky girls. And how is this a profound quote on research?

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