Friday, September 2, 2011

Top places to live in India

Today we will debate on which is the best city to live at this moment in India. While deciding on the comfortableness of living in a city the following properties are to be kept in mind.
1. Security.
2. Lifestyle and quality of living available to the masses including general economic health.
3. Climate.
3. Public transport.
4. Quality of public life support services offered by the city which includes but not limited to - public health services or hospitals, firefighters.

 I will present both pros and cons of each city. Since cons mostly is the deciding factor, sometimes only that is to be all that is to be mentioned. I will let people decide for themselves.

1. Mumbai is too damp and crowded. Life is hard. So is finding a place to stay. For an old resident it might be easier. And it is always so crowded in the railways, the heart of its public transport. Quality of living is high for certain factions while the rest are left to settle for mediocratic complacency. Its like two masses existing at the same time at the same place. The middle class cannot afford all the lavishness offered by the city. This is unacceptable because they are the largest fraction of society.
2. Delhi is very insecure. Any resident would agree. The  climate is extreme during winter. Positive side to this city is that electronics and commodities are really cheap. It is a heaven for geeks. In terms of entertainment it is not in par to Mumbai. And it is expensive to live there.
3. Kolkata is the most crowded, unruly place to live in. Nobody cares damn about the economy. But they do care about their favorite political factions. The climate is just horrible. It is next to Ganges, so it is damp, humid and hot all the time. It is impossible to sleep in the summers without air conditioning. And in Kolkata because of the economic situation not many middle class families could afford the electricity bills associated with the AC. There is no point of even starting about the life support services the city has to offer. However, it is the best city for survivability. A decent meal costs only Rs. 20. Public transport is damn cheap. One can roam around the entire city the whole day in Rs. 30. If one is looking to eat well and not party (well they have a different meaning for party in Kolkata) often and demand little of life except intellectual and epicurean stimulation this is the place to be.
4. Chennai - One word. Heat, nothing else.
5. Darjeeling, Siliguri, Gangtok - Anyone who stayed in these places for more than 2 weeks knows life is hard. The climate is very pleasant but not for the entire year.
6. Kurseong - Excellent climate. Great place to live a peaceful retirement. But not for the partying type.
7. Allahabad - For the spiritually inclined. Very peaceful especially at the outskirts of the city. The inside of the city is a crowded mess. The city really needs to improve its roads. Recently, there are bunch of malls that have come up, a bit pricey but much to offer. The quality of living in this city is picking up but nowhere near the metropolitan cities.
8. Lucknow - Too crowded and the city could do with revamping of its roads. But the best cuisine and food in the entire country. May be I am biased but the biryani knocks me out. The heat is also a major factor.
9. Hyderabad - I recently stayed there. The food is absolutely great. It is burgeoning but it would take a while to come into full glory. The administration is doing a great job in revamping the city.  But economy is too concentrated into factions of society. Average middle class rarely spends time on entertainment.
10. Bangalore - I cannot comment because I have never stayed there. But my acquaintances  informs that security is a major issue.
11. Cochin - A good place to live. Very easy lifestyle. Cheap food. I stayed only couple of days so I cannot say more.  But since it is right next to the sea it is always hot and humid. And the food might be an issue for some people.
11. Pune - A non-existent public transport and 1.5 months extreme heat every year. Other than that there is nothing more to complain. Now comes the best part. It is a hill station. And it has all the amenities that a big city has to offer at an affordable price. Someone has to just live here to experience that quality of life, so peaceful and wild at the same time. It is more expensive than Kolkata or Mumbai but people get used to it in a couple of months. Pune has everything that is expected in a big city sans the extreme crowds and damp climate. Every weekend one can take a short vacation to the numerous points around it. I enjoyed the long bike rides though the tortuous mountain roads, sometimes with heavy rain slashing across my face. More than the destination, the journey were so very exciting. I do not know when I would be back there. May I would be too old to indulge in such daring, treacherous trips. So, all young Puneites get a bike and get going. The city has too much to offer. Soak it up while still you can. One more thing. Definitely explore all the restaurants in the city. I really liked Toscana and was in the Polka Dots every other day. And many memories in All Stir Fry.

Everyone might have guessed what would be my choice of city but I would not make one for the purpose of staying impartial. Just facts are presented. The conclusion is open to logical settlement. Some places are omitted due to lack of information or they are not just on par to the big cities. Darjeeling is included because some people swear by this city.

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