Sunday, January 16, 2011

NIce utilities to have in Linux distro

Meld - File comparison. Very good. Also, can try out Kompare. Text based mode would be to use vimdiff.

F.lux  - Adjust the screen color and hue so that the glare is reduced during the night when tehre is less ambient light.

Flpsed - Pdf annotator. Very accurate. But limited in that it can only add text to pdf's.

Ipe - A spline based vector graphics drawing tool. Very very good for scientific/mathematical drawing. For example, a surface with vectors on it is easily drawn. Much better at drawing curves than xfig. The best feature is its Latex friendliness. Any graphic object could be labeled by a expression writtten in LaTeX. If I want to label the normal vector to my surface na then all I have to do is click and type $n^a$ and then run latex and it directly comes onto the screen. For xfig it is only ouputed in the file and not visible on-screen.

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Saugata Chatterjee said...

LatexDraw and Xfig is similar to Ipe. But Ipe is more efficient in drawing for latex.

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