Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pusilience and snakes

Pusilience - I swear that I saw this word in GRE list but could not find it in the online dictionaries. Anyways it means the behavior that a coward exhibits in times of crisis, (being a pussycat). 
Today I caught two non-poisonous snakes back to back. One small Trinket ( and one medium sized Wolf snake.

As soon as I was notified about the first snake I asked the reception to send someone with the snake catching net so that there is no delay. Many times before it has happened that by the time I went to reception, got the net, ran for the snake. And reaching the spot, found that the snake is long gone. In meantime, nobody bothers to inform that the snake has left and you have no need to come. We have to start charging for every call, and then people would actually take this seriously. Anyways, I asked for someone to reach with the net. But apparently, Mr. Bosgo has made it clear that no one would help the snake catchers. Whether it is for their own safety (which is hardly the case because they maintain a safe 20 feet from the snake) or to prevent them for shirking duty, I do not care.

The mentality is like this. Snake catching is your job. And you are big fool that you jeopardize your life for it and a bigger fool to do it for free and simply a demented idiot that you leave all your work, wake up in middle of the night, go out in freezing cold to do a job for which you do not get paid. We intelligent people do not wish to be associated with such asinine fools.

Fine. I can't complain. Half the world is stupid while it thinks the other half is stupid. I do not know to which group I belong, but definitely these people and others I going to discuss here and myself are not in the same group.

Let us fast forward. I got the first snake, released it. As soon as I reached the reception, I was called to catch another one. It was a medium sized Wolf snake. I caught it and since it was an exceptionally beautiful specimen of its kind, I wanted to take few picture of it with my mobile. So I brought it to the reception and requested Mr. pussy to snap a few pics in MY mobile while I take the snake out.

His response,
"Drop the subject ... stop talking about it ..."

 in the same tone as one would dismiss a mendicant(beggar).

Real classy!! But I let it go.

Then Mr. Santosh Jagade interjects (he was not invited to take a picture).
"Put a snake around your neck and I would take a picture."

I wanted to wrap it around his male ego but controlled and replied -
"Why. Unless I do not wrap it around my neck, do you find it difficult to take a picture ?"

Now, I ask our readers a simple question - why do you think these people behaved in such a manner ?

 Mr. Santosh - He is afraid of the snake. But at the same time, his ego is hurt. What he really meant was this - If you are really so brave then wrap it around your neck and show us. 

Again real classy!! I do not have to wrap it anywhere to show that I am brave. Just that I am the one who saves pussies like these from pissing their panties is proof enough.

It is ok to be scared. Even I am scared when catching Russel Vipers. But to be condescending at the point of compromised courage is JUST Pusilience .

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