Monday, March 8, 2010

Three phases of Standard Model and Feynman's prediction of strong interaction

Standard Model predicts three phases of matter -
1. Coulomb phase - Gauge(vector) bosons are massless. U(1) gauge theory or electromagnetic theory.
2. Higgs phase - Gauge(vector) bosons are massive. Electroweak theory with its massive gauge bosons (W and Z ) is the candidate.
3. Confinement phase - No quantum numbers for free quarks. Only physical states are the bound states. This phase is the strong interaction.

While reading Michael Dine's book I came across a very interesting piece of information.

Feynman predicted as early as 1963 in a private communication with Roger Dashen that in SU(3) Yang Mills theory there would be a bound state of three quarks and also a bound state of quark anti-quark pair.

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