Monday, October 12, 2009

Translator bots in Google Talk

If you want a quick translation done, then Google bots are here for you.
Previously, one needed to go sites like

Now, even while chatting, if you want to figure out what your Italian friend is talking about IN ITALIAN then there is no need to reach for the dictionary. Just follow these steps to add the google translator of your choice directly integrated into the Gmail system.

Step 1: Goto
to see a list of languages available for translation inside Gmail. Numbered are the translator bots addresses and what they translate are given in brackets.

Step 2: Choose the languages for translation. I choose English to French . Now, copy the address of the translator bot. Here. for my case it is

Step 3: Goto Gmail contacts and add a new contact (the picture with a + sign). In the name box type <>. In my case, it is english to french. Now, in the box "Email" enter the . For me, it is
See the screenshot.

Step 4: Click save. Goto the chat widget and look for the entry english to french. Now do a "Invite to chat". Once added you can directly type into the chat box and the bot would reply in the translated text.

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