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Translator bots in Google Talk

If you want a quick translation done, then Google bots are here for you.
Previously, one needed to go sites like

Now, even while chatting, if you want to figure out what your Italian friend is talking about IN ITALIAN then there is no need to reach for the dictionary. Just follow these steps to add the google translator of your choice directly integrated into the Gmail system.

Step 1: Goto
to see a list of languages available for translation inside Gmail. Numbered are the translator bots addresses and what they translate are given in brackets.

Step 2: Choose the languages for translation. I choose English to French . Now, copy the address of the translator bot. Here. for my case it is

Step 3: Goto Gmail contacts and add a new contact (the picture with a + sign). In the name box type <>. In my case, it is english to french. Now, in the box &…

Problem in sharing sound between firefox-flash and exaile,audacious,audacity



00:00.0 Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device 7930 <== ATI again iggy wrote on 2008-06-27: (permalink) Yea, it's a problem, with pulseaudio. I have the same problem. When I kill pulse audio and restart both, firefox and exaile, it works. I think it's a bug in pulseaudio. SOLUTION =>

Fix for Firefox Sound problems on Ubuntu
December 19th, 2005 Posted in General

If you're using Ubuntu and gnome, then odds are that esd is starting and taking control of the soundcard.

If you have any apps talking to esd (like your mp3 player) then Firefox won't be able to talk like it usually does to /dev/dsp.

To solve this, we just need to tell Firefox to use esd and it can share the audio nicely with other apps.

If you're using BASH this should launch firefox with esd support.

#export FIREFOX_DSP=esd


Mathematica License

Mathematica implements MathLM as its license manager installed in a server which provides service to its clients through the TCP port.
If the math kernel asks for the license then either the math license manager is stopped at the server end or the connection to server is broken or the most probable cause for first time users is that the license server name is not provided.
To check whether the user has licensing information stored is to check for a file called "mathpass".
It is generally located in $HOME/.Mathematica/Licensing/mathpass
or in /usr/local/mathematica/Configuration/Licensing/mathpass

It should contain entries like ( for local installs )
machinename xxxx-xxxx-xxxx xxxx-xxxx xxxx-xxx-xxx:x:xx home user
or (for network licenses)

Bengali poems from my childhood


— মাইকেল মধুসূদন দত্ত

হে বঙ্গ, ভাণ্ডারে তব বিবিধ রতন;—
তা সবে, (অবোধ আমি!) অবহেলা করি,
পর-ধন-লোভে মত্ত, করিনু ভ্রমণ
পরদেশে, ভিক্ষাবৃত্তি কুক্ষণে আচরি।
কাটাইনু বহু দিন সুখ পরিহরি।
অনিদ্রায়, নিরাহারে সঁপি কায়, মনঃ,
মজিনু বিফল তপে অবরেণ্যে বরি;—
কেলিনু শৈবালে; ভুলি কমল-কানন!
স্বপ্নে তব কুললক্ষ্মী কয়ে দিলা পরে—
“ওরে বাছা, মাতৃকোষে রতনের রাজি,
এ ভিখারী-দশা তবে কেন তোর আজি?
যা ফিরি, অজ্ঞান তুই, যা রে ফিরি ঘরে!”
পালিলাম আজ্ঞা সুখে; পাইলাম কালে
মাতৃ-ভাষা-রূপে খনি, পূর্ণ মণিজালে॥