Friday, January 2, 2009

How to access anna's share from linux and see movies

Method I :
Make a folder named /home/share

Issue a command like

mount -t smbfs //192.168.x.x/movies /home/share -o username=guest,password=

put anna's IP instead of

Method II (for non-terminal guys):

Open Konqueror (KDE)or Nautilus(Gnome) or Dolphin (KDE 4.1)
In the address bar type,


In the prompt for password etc. just cancel.

Enjoy !!!


To see the movies in Linux, install mplayer or vlc player.
mplayer is preferable to manipulate rowdy subtitles while vlc is better for sound etc.
But there is a way to get loud sound in mplayer. That is a trade secet ;)

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