Thursday, May 1, 2008

Firefox 3 Beta 5 sees huge improvements.

I don't have time to discuss every feature nor do I have time to write long sentences. So, instead I would directly copy and paste from a reliable web source all the great things about the new Firefox which I think everybody should notice. The following are not my own words and I do not take any credit of originality and to circumvent plagiarizing I give link to the original source of information. People interested might want to read the entire article : But, my article would contain only short description of the new features for the guys short of time.

1. The Places system, which was originally planned for Firefox 2, is a cohesive storage framework that uses a SQLite database rather than flat files and unifies bookmark and history storage. New user interfaces for bookmark management have also been created to give users access to the new capabilities—like support for bookmark tagging—that are made possible by the Places system. A new star icon adjacent to the URL text box uses the Places system to simplify the process of bookmarking a page. In the URL autocompletion box, stars are shown next to bookmarked pages.

2. The download manager user interface has been completely redesigned and now includes a search text box for filtering completed downloads. The new download manager also supports integration with the user's anti-virus software and has better support for resuming paused or canceled downloads.

3. There are a lot of little usability improvements that make a big difference. For instance, the address bar autocompletion system can now match against page titles as well as addresses, The zoom setting is now remembered on a per site basis, a new resizer in the navigation toolbar lets users adjust the width the search text box, and page identity information can now be accessed by clicking the page favicon at the left end of the address bar.

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