Saturday, September 1, 2007

Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 Days

A totally free online course on VC++ can be found here :- (has images)

Download with Surfoffline (or HTTRACK) and then convert to pdf by adobe acrobat professional.

PROBLEM :- the pictures are JavaScript popup which acrobat cannot convert to file
FIX :- open each file in FrontPage. Find & Replace .
For example :-

Find <A HREF="JavaScript:popup('01fig01.gif')">  & Replace with <img border="0" src="../ch01/01fig01.gif" width="480" height="360">   

Get rid of these-> causes the smaller images to stretch.
<img border="0" src="../ch01/01fig01.gif" >

The absence of width & height specs causes the browser to auto-adjust the images.

Here is what you would do :-

1>Find :    <A HREF="javascript:popUp('     ::  Replace :    <img border="0" src="   :: Click replace all.
2>Find :   ')">    ::   Replace :    " >

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